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Lecturer, Ph.D.

Faculty of College of Computer and Information Engineering in Xiamen University of Technology

Email: xfdu@xmut.edu.cn
Mailing address: No.600 Ligong Road, Jimei District, Xiamen, 361024, Fujian Province, China.
Postal code: 361024






Research Interests
d Image Processing
d Computer Vision

Ph.D (2006-2010)
Department of Automation, Xiamen university


M.S (2003-2006)
Department of Computer Science, Shanghai university


B.S (1993-1997)
Department of Computer Engineering, Shandong university

Research Experiences

National Grand Fundamental Research Program of China.(No.2007CB311005) (2007-2011)

The National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program No.2006AA01Z129)(2006-2008)

National Natural Science Foundation 360 of China Under Grant No. 61373077

Teaching Experiences

C Programming

C++ Programming
Digital Image processing
Compilers principles
Recent Publications (Asterisk (*) indicates the corresponding author)
d Du xiaofeng*, Qu yanyun. Image Classification Based on Local Spatial Pyramid Kernel. The 8th International Congress on Image and Signal Processing 2015, pp 610-616. Shenyang, P.R. China, 2015.10.13-10.16 IEEE.
d Du xiaofeng*, Zhu shunzhi, Li jianmin. Skeleton extraction via structure adaptive anisotropic filtering. The 6th International Conference on Internet Multimedia Computing and Service (ICIMCS 2014) . pp 340-344. Xiamen, China, July 10-12, 2014. ACM.
d Yanyun Qu*, Cuiting Shi, Junran Liu, Liying Peng , Xiaofeng Du. Single Image Super-Resolution via Convolutional Neural Network and Total Variation Regularization. International Conference on MultiMedia Modeling 2016, pp 28-38. Miami, FL, USA, 2016 1.4-1.6. ACM.
d Lu Shen, Qu Yan-Yun, Du Xiao-Feng. et al. Text detection in images based on Multiple Kernel Learning. In Proc. Machine Learning and Cybernetics (ICMLC) 2011. EI index.