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Graduate Student
Department of Electronic Science, School of Electronic Science and Engineering (National Model Microelectronics College), Xiamen University
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Computational Sensing Group at Xiamen University

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Huiting Liu is a graduate student of Department of Electronic Science at Xiamen University in China.

Research Interests
d Magnetic resonance spectroscopy
d Machine learning and deep learning
d Graduate Student (Sept. 2019-Current) (Postgraduate recommendation without examination) 
Department of Electronic Science, School of Electronic Science and Engineering, Xiamen University, Xiamen, China.
Advisor: Prof. Xiaobo Qu.

B.S. (Sept. 2015-June 2019)
College of Electronic Engineering, South China Agricultural University, Guangdong, China.
Major: Communication Engineering

Research and Teaching Experiences
d Honorable Mention of 2018 Provincial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program for College Students(team).
d 2016、2017、2018 Third-class Scholarship.
Professional Skills
d Deep learning framework: Tensorflow
d Mastered programming languages: Matlab、Python、Java(Android)
(1) Journal Papers
d Wanqi Hu, Huiting Liu, Dicheng Chen, Tianyu Qiu, Hongwei Sun, Chunyan Xiong, Jianzhong Lin, Di Guo, Hao Chen*, Xiaobo Qu*, Coil Combination of Multichannel Single Voxel Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy with Repeatedly Sampled In Vivo Data, molecules, 26(13):3896, 2021.(SCI, JCR 2, IF 4.4)
d Tianyu Qiu, Zi Wang, Huiting Liu, Di Guo, Xiaobo Qu*, Review and Prospect: NMR Spectroscopy Denoising and Reconstruction with Low-Rank Hankel Matrices and Tensors, Magentic Resonance in Chemistry, 59(3):324-345, 2020. (SCI, JCR 3, IF 2.0)
d Zhangren Tu, Huiting Liu, Jiaying Zhan, Di Guo*, A Fast Self-Learning Subspace Reconstruction Method for Non-Uniformly Sampled Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy>, applied sciences, 10(11):3939, 2020.(SCI, JCR 3, IF 2.679)