Homepage of Yihui Huang(English, 中文)

Ph.D. candidate
1) Department of Electronic Science and 2) Research Center of Magnetic Resonance and Medical Imaging, Xiamen University.
Email: hyh261@163.com
Computational Sensing Group, a part of Research Center of Magnetic Resonance and Medical Imaging at Xiamen University.

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Yihui Huang is a PhD candidate of Department of Electronic Science at Xiamen University in China.

Research Interests

Fast magnetic resonance imaging

d Machine learning and deep learning

Medical image processing and analysis

d Ph.D. candidate (Sept. 2018-Current) 
Advisor: Xiaobo Qu
Major : Electronics and Communication Engineering.
Xiamen University, Fujian Province, China.
d Graduate Student (Sept. 2015-June 2018)  
Advisor: Prof. Qianjin Feng
Major : Department of Biomedical Engineering,
Southern Medical University, Guangdong Province, China.

B.S. (Sept. 2011-June 2015) Department of Biomedical Engineering,
Southern Medical University, Guangdong Province, China.

Research and Teaching Experiences
(a)Medical image processing and analysis

Develop effective texture features of dynamic contrast enhanced-MRI(DCE-MRI) for classifying breast cancer.


Develop the algorithm of multi-region brain glioma segmentation based on MRI.


Attending the 3rd Medical Imaging Computing Seminar(MICS’16, July 15-17, 2016, Guangzhou).


Attending Chinese Biomedical Engineering Conference(April 20-22, 2017, Beijing).


Attending the 4th Medical Imaging Computing Seminar (MICS’17, July 15-16, 2017, Shanghai).


Attending 4th International Medical Imaging Symposium in Suzhou(November 4-6, 2017, Suzhou).

(b) Deep learning

Design a new kind of neural unit with local feature.


Develop the deep learning model for brain glioma segmentation.

(c) Teaching experience

Teaching assistant (2016’s spring semester)
- Course: digital signal processing
- Lecturer: Dekuang Yu

Selected Wards

2010, The third prize in Fujian Division, Chinese Chemistry Olympiad

Professional Skills
(a) Magnetic resonance instruments
Basic operating skills of human magnetic resonance imaging scanner (GE, MR750w 3.0T)
(b) Deep learning

Deep learning framework: tensorflow, keras.

Mastered programming languages: C/C++, Java, Python and Matlab.

Participate in the building of Linux and Windows deep learning server platform.

Recent Publications
(a) Journal paper
d Xiaobo Qu*, Yihui Huang, Hengfa Lu, Tianyu Qiu, Di Guo, Tatiana Agback, Vladislav Orekhov, Zhong Chen*, Accelerated Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy with Deep Learning, Angewandte Chemie International Edition,DOI:10.1002/anie.201908162,2019. (SCI, JCR 1, TOP Journal, IF 12.26)

Yihui Huang, Qianjin Feng. Segmentation of brain tumor on magnetic resonance images using 3D full-convolutional densely connected convolutional networks. Journal of Southern Medical University, 2018, 38(6): 661-668. (in Chinese)