Homepage of Jing Ye (English, 中文)

Graduate Student
1) Department of Electronic Science and 2) Research Center of Magnetic Resonance and Medical Imaging, Xiamen University.
Computational Sensging Group, a part of Research Center of Magnetic Resonance and Medical Imaging at Xiamen University.

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Jing Ye is a graduate stuednt of Department of Electronic Science at Xiamen University in China.

Research Interests
d Medical image and NMR spectra processing & Parallel computation.
d Graduate Student (Postgraduate recommendation without examination) (2013-2016)
Advisor: Prof. Zhong Chen, Xiaobo Qu.
Department of Electronic Science, Xiamen University, China.

B.S. (Sept. 2009-June 2013)
Department of Electronic Science, Xiamen University, China.

Engaged Projects
National Natural Science Foundation of China (01/2014-12/2017 )
: Ultrafast spatial-temporal four dimensional magnetic resonance spectroscopy imaging technology. (No. 11375147)
National Natural Science Foundation of China (08/2012-12/2015 )
: Sparsity-based high-resolution image reconstruction in fast controllable spatially encoding MRI.  (No. 61201045, Principal Investigator: Xiaobo Qu )

Natural Science Foundation of Fujian Province of China (04/2015-04/2018)
Project: Joint sparse reconstruction for fast multimodality MRI. (No. 2015J01346, Principal Investigator: Xiaobo Qu )

Shanhai Fund of Xiamen University (01/2013-12/2015)
Project: Fast and high-resolution magnetic resonance microscopy with sparse signal processing.  (No. 2013SH002,  Principal Investigator: Xiaobo Qu )

12/2014, Outstanding student cadres, Xiamen University.
06/2013, Outstanding Graduates Award, Xiamen University.
06/2013, First Prize Award, Xiamen University.
04/2013, Excellent League member, Xiamen University.
12/2012, National Scholarships, Ministry of Education, China.
12/2012, Outstanding student cadres, Xiamen University.
04/2012, Yang Rongrong Scholarship Award, Xiamen University.
12/2011, Triple-A Student, Xiamen University.
12/2011, Second Prize Award, Xiamen University.
12/2011, Excellent member of summer social practice team, Xiamen University.
12/2010, Third Prize Award, Xiamen University.
12/2010, Second Prize Award of Poster design, Xiamen University.
(1) Journal Papers
d Jing Ye, Xiaobo Qu*, Hua Guo, Yunsong Liu, Di Guo, Zhong Chen, Patch-based Directional Redundant Wavelets in Compressed sensing parallel MRI with radial sampling trajectory, Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics, 6:387-398, 2016. (SCI, JCR4, IF 0.64)
d Zongying Lai, Xiaobo Qu*, Yunsong Liu, Di Guo, Jing Ye, Zhifang Zhan, Zhong Chen*. Image reconstruction of compressed sensing MRI using graph-based redundant wavelet transform, Medical Image Analysis, DOI: 10.1016/, 2016. (SCI, JCR1, IF 4.087)
d Yunsong Liu, Jian-Feng Cai, Zhifang Zhan, Di Guo, Jing Ye, Zhong Chen, Xiaobo Qu. Balanced sparse model for tight frames in compressed sensing magnetic resonance imaging, PLoS ONE, 10(4): e0119584, 2015. (SCI, JCR3, IF 3.53)
d Qiyue Li, Xiaobo Qu, Yunsong Liu, Di Guo, Zongying Lai, Jing Ye, Zhong Chen, Accelerating patch-based directional wavelets with multicore parallel computing in compressed sensing MRI, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 33(5):649-658, 2015. (SCI, JCR4, IF 2.02)
d Qiyue Li, Xiaobo Qu*, Yunsong Liu, Di Guo, Jing Ye, Zhifang Zhan and Zhong Chen*. Parallel computing of patch-based nonlocal operator and its application in compressed sensing MRI, Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, Volume 2014, Article ID 257435, 2014. (SCI, JCR4, IF 1.02)
(2) Conference Abstracts
d Yao Xiao, Jing Ye, Di Guo, Zhong Chen, Xiaobo Qu*. An Image Reconstruction Software for Compressed Sensing MRI, International Society of Magnetic Resonance-ISMAR’15, 16th - 21th, August, 2015. (Oral presentation)
d Xiaobo Qu*, Yunsong Liu, Jing Ye, Di Guo, Zhifang Zhan, Zhong Chen. A fast algorithm for tight frame-based nonlocal transform in compressed sensing MRI, pp. 3411, International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 23rd Scientific Meeting. Milanno-ISMRM’15, Toronto, Canada, May 30-June 5, 2015.
d Jing Ye, Yunsong Liu, Di Guo, Feng Huang, Hua Guo, Zhifang Zhan, Zhifang Lai, Zhong Chen*, and Xiaobo Qu*. Patch-Based Directional Wavelets in Compressed Sensing Parallel MRI with NUFFT. 18th Chinese National Magnetic Resonance Conference, oral presentation, 2014.
d Yunsong Liu, Zhifang Zhan, Jiang-Feng Cai, Jing Ye, Zhong Chen, Xiaobo Qu*. Balance sparsity model for tight-frame representation in compressed sensing MRI, 2014 IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging-ISBI’14, conference abstract, 2014.
d 06/2014, Jian He, Weiquan Ni, Jing Ye, Xianguang Fan, Jun Liang, Guokun Liu, etc. A device to volatile extraction. National Utility Model, No. ZL 2013 2 0884959.7.
d 09/2011, Jing Ye. An inductor of filter. National Utility Model, No. ZL 2011 2 0066588.2.