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1) Department of Electronic Science and 2) Research Center of Magnetic Resonance and Medical Imaging, Xiamen University.
Email: yuyang15@xmu.edu.cn, ida051124@gmail.com
Computational Sensging Group, a part of Research Center of Magnetic Resonance and Medical Imaging at Xiamen University.

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Research Interests
d signal processing, evolutionary algorithms, NMR, coil resonance analysis
d Ph.D. Electrical Engineering (2004-2009)
Dissertation: Study on the Modeling of Large Power Transformer Windings for Very Fast Transient Simulations
Advisor: Zanji Wang, Ph.D.
Coursework: Advanced Numerical Analysis, Digital Signal Processing, Circuit and Systems, Modern Communications for Power System, Statistical Processing of Random Signal, Modern Control Theory, Evolutionary Computation and Its Applications
Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
d B.S. Acoustics (2000 - 2004)
Class rank: 1/55
Senior project: Adaptive noise control (ANC) algorithms and its application in headset design
Advisor: Xiaojun Qiu, Ph.D.
Nanjing University, Nanjing, China
Technical skills
icon Programming: Matlab, Python, Fortran, Visual C++
icon Algorithms: Evolutionary Algorithms, Monte Carlo simulation, digital signal processing
icon Simulation Software: ANSOFT, ANSYS, EMTP, PSCAD
Research experience
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory, Cambridge, MA
Post-Doctoral Fellow (07/2014 – present)
  • Applied solid-state NMR techniques to distinguish membrane lipids of different phases
  • Iowa State University, Department of Chemistry, Ames, Iowa
    Post-Doctoral Research Associate (12/2012 – 07/2014)
  • Automatically resonance assignment algorithm design for interpreting solid state NMR spectra
  • Tsinghua University, Department of Electrical Engineering, Beijing, China
    Post-Doctoral Research Associate (07/2009 – 07/2011)
  • Analysis of the natural frequencies and oscillation mode shapes of transformer windings
  • icon Tsinghua University, Department of Electrical Engineering, Beijing, China
    Graduate Research Assistant (09/2004 – 07/2009)
  • Investigation of the transient voltage in power system
  • Winding models which are valid within a wide frequency range
  • Application of cooperative co-evolutionary genetic algorithm for IIR filter design
  • Project

    National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 61601386)

    Honors & Awards
    2000-2003 The first-class people’s scholarship of Nanjing University for academic achievement   
    2001-2002 Outstanding students in Nanjing University                                                                          
    2002 The first-class Samsung scholarship for academic achievement                          
    2006 Advanced individuals in social practice of Tsinghua University                                       
    2004-2005, 2006-2008 Integrated scholarship of Tsinghua University for academic achievement                      
    2009 Excellent doctoral degree dissertation of Tsinghua University                                         
    (1) Journal Papers
    d Wenqi Qiu#, Zhiliang Wei#, Nan Ding, Yu Yang, Qimiao Ye, Yulan Lin*, Zhong Chen*, Partial-homogeneity based two-dimensional high-resolution nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy under inhomogeneous magnetic fields, ChemPhysChem, 17(10): 1493-1499, 2016.
    d Yuqing Huang, Yung-Ya Lin, Shuhui Cai, Yu Yang, Huijun Sun, Yanqin Lin*, Zhong Chen*, High-resolution nuclear magnetic resonance measurements in inhomogeneous magnetic fields: a fast two-dimensional J-resolved experiment, Journal of Chemical Physics, 144: 104202, 2016.
    d S. Liao, Y. Yang, D. Tietze, and M. Hong. The Influenza M2 Cytoplasmic Tail Changes the Proton-Exchange Equilibria and the Backbone Conformation of the Transmembrane Histidine Residue to Facilitate Proton Conduction. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2015, 137(18):6067-6077
    d Y. Yang, H. Yao, and M. Hong. Distinguishing Biocontinuous Lipid Cubic Phases from Isotropic Membrane Morphologies Using 31P Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy. Physical Chemistry, 2015, 119(15): 4993-5001.
    d Y. Yang, K.J. Fritzsching, and M. Hong. Resonance Assignment of Disordered Proteins Using a Multi-Objective Non-Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm. Journal of Biomolecular NMR, 2013, 57(3): 281-296.
    d K. J. Fritzsching, Y. Yang, K. Schmidt-Rohr, and M. Hong, “Practical Use of Chemical Shift Databases for Protein Solid-State NMR: 2D Chemical Shift Maps and Amino-Acid Assignment with Secondary-Structure Information”, Journal of Biomolecular NMR, 2013, 56: 155-167.
    d Y. Yang, Z. J. Wang. Broadband Frequency Response Analysis of Transformer Windings. IEEE trans. on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, 2012, 5(19): 1782-1790.
    d Y. Yang, Z. J. Wang, X. Cai, Z. D. Wang. Improved Lumped Parameter Model for Transformer Fast Transient Simulations. IET Electrical Power Applications, July 2011, 5(6): 479-485.
    d C. Shao, Y. Yang, W. D. Liu, Z. J. Wang. Effect of Breaker Structural Parameters on Very Fast-fronted Transient Overvoltage Waveform in GIS, Gaodianya Jishu/High Voltage Engineering, 2011, (3): 577-584. (in Chinese)
    d Y. Yang, Z. J. Wang. Piecewise frequency-domain modeling of large power transformer windings for very fast transient overvoltage simulations. Zhongguo Dianji Gongcheng Xuebao/Proceedings of the Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering, 2010, 30(10): 66-71. (in Chinese)
    d Y. Yang, Z. J. Wang. Calculation of fast transient voltage distributions in transformer windings using generalized eigenvalue method. Journal of Tsinghua University (Science and Technology), 2010, 50(5): 696-9. (in Chinese)
    d Z. J. Wang, Y. Yang. Calculation of very fast transient overvoltage distributions in large power transformer windings, Gaodianya Jishu/High Voltage Engineering, 2010, 36(4): 918-925. (in Chinese)
    d C. Shao, Y. Yang, Z. J. Wang. Modeling of GIS Switching Arc and Its Effect on VFTO Waveforms, Power System Technology, 2010, 34(7): 200-205. (in Chinese)
    d H. Pang, Y. Yang, Z. J. Wang. Simulation of magnetic end effect of amorphous wires. Acta Physica Sinica, 2010, 59(7): 5049-5054. (in Chinese)
    d Y. Yang, Z. J. Wang. Wide Band Modeling of Large Power Transformer Windings for Very Fast Transient Overvoltage (VFTO) Analysis. Science in China Series E: Technological Sciences, 2009, 52(9): 129-136.
    d Y. Yang, Z. J. Wang, C. Shao. Modeling of power transformer in wide frequency range and analysis of the impedance characteristic. Advanced Technology of Electrical Engineering and Energy, 2009, 28(1):11-15. (in Chinese)
    d Y. Yang, Z. J. Wang, C. Shao. Effect of GIS bus structure and parameters on VFTO waveform. Gaodianya Jishu/High Voltage Engineering, 2009, 35(9): 2306-2312. (in Chinese)
    d Y. Yang, X. J. Yu. Cooperative coevolutionary genetic algorithm for digital IIR filter design. IEEE Trans. on Industrial Electronics, 2007, 54(3): 1311-1318.
    (2) Conference Abstracts
    d Y. Yang, Z. J. Wang, C. Shao. Determination of VFTO waveform in GIS according to simplified structure of GIS bus and circuit parameters. Power Systems Conference and Exposition (PSCE), Seattle, 2009.
    d Y. Yang, Z. J. Wang. A circular multi-conductor transmission line model for simulation of very fast transient in circular windings. Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS), Beijing, China, 2009.
    d Y. Yang, Z. J. Wang, C. Shao. A circuit model in a wide frequency range for power transformer and analysis of its characteristics. Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference (APPEEC), Wuhan, China, 2009.