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Technician, Ph.D.
Department of electronic and information engineering, Yili Normal University
Email: tianlin20110501<at>163.com
Address: No. 448 Jiefang West Road, Xinjiang, Yining
Postal code: 835000










She received doctor degree in signal and information processing from the University of Electronic Science and technology of China in 2016. She joined Yili Normal University in July 2007. Her research interests include non-stationary signal analysis and processing, sparse signal processing.

Research Interests
d Non-stationary signals Time-frequency analysis and processing
d Signal and Image Processing
Work Experiences
d Technician, Dec. 2011 - up to now
d Teaching assistant, July. 2007, -Dec, 2011

Ph.D (Sept. 2011-Dec. 2016)
School of Optoelectronic information, University of Electronic Science and technology of China
Advisor: Prof. Zhenming Peng, Prof. Qiheng Zhang


Undergraduate (correspondence course),  (Sept. 1997- June. 2000)
Department of physics, Qufu Normal University

Research Experiences

Natural Science Foundation of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (No. 2016D01C384) (01/2017-12/2019)
Principal Investigator

National Natural Science Foundation of China(No. 61665013) (01/2017-12/2019)
Co-Investigator (PI: Prof. Jinshan Su)

National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 61672335) (01/2017-12/2020)
Principal Investigator

Teaching Experiences

Circuit analysis (Spring Semester)

Digital Signal Processing (Fall Semester)
Experimental Course of Electrical Machinery (Fall Semester)
Recent Publications (Asterisk (*) indicates the corresponding author)
d L. Tian, Z. M. Peng. Determining the optimal order of fractional Gabor transform based on kurtosis maximization and its application[J]. Journal of Applied Geophysics, 2014, 108: 152-158.(SCI: AO0GR, EI: 20143118002415)
d L. Tian, Z. M. Peng, Qiheng Zhang. Deconvolutive fractional Gabor Spectrogram for Seismic signal spectral decomposition[J]. Oil Geophysical Prospecting, 2015. 50(2): 219-224.(EI: 20152000855412)
d L. Tian.Computational method for fractional spectrogram optimized in the ambiguity[J]. Gummi,Fasern,Kunststoffe, 69(15):2210-2214(EI: 20164803050170)
d L. Tian, Z. M. Peng. Minimal generalized time-bandwidth product method for estimating the optimum fractional Fourier order [C]. The 4th International Conference on Signal and Image Processing (CSIP 2015), 2015, 3(03): 8-12
d L. Tian. Adaptive short-time fractional Fourier transform used in time-frequency analysis [C]. the 7th International Conference on Computer Engineering and Networks (CENet2017), 2017.
d Zhenming Peng, Professor, University of Electronic Science and technology of China
d Xiaobo Qu, Associate Professor, Xiamen University