Homepage of Jiaxi Ying (English, 中文)

Graduate Student
1) Department of Electronic Science and 2) Research Center of Magnetic Resonance and Medical Imaging, Xiamen University.
Email: yingjiaxi@stu.xmu.edu.cn
Computational Sensing Group, a part of Research Center of Magnetic Resonance and Medical Imaging at Xiamen University.

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Jiaxi Ying is a graduate student of Department of Electronic Science at Xiamen University in China.

Research Interests
d Optimization; Compressed Sensing; Matrix Rank Minimization; Structured Matrix Rank Minimization; Tensor Decomposition and Completion; Applications in machine learning, signal processing, NMR spectroscopy and magnetic resonance imaging.
d Graduate Student (2014-Current)
Advisor: Prof. Zhong Chen, Xiaobo Qu.
Xiamen University
d B.S. (Sept. 2009-June 2013)
School of science. Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China
Working Experiences

In Oct. 2012 to Jun. 2013, I worked in Noise analysis laboratory, Jiaxipera Compressor Co., Ltd.

Engaged Projects
National Natural Science Foundation of China (08/2012-current )
Project: Ultrafast spatial-temporal four dimensional magnetic resonance spectroscopy imaging technology.
National Natural Science Foundation of China (08/2012-current )
: Sparsity-based high-resolution image reconstruction in fast controllable spatially encoding MRI  (No. 61201045, Principal Investigator: Xiaobo Qu )

Natural Science Foundation of Fujian Province of China (04/2015-current)
Project: Joint sparse reconstruction for fast multimodality MRI (No. 2015J01346, Principal Investigator: Xiaobo Qu )

Shanhai Fund of Xiamen University (01/2013-current)
Project: Fast and high-resolution magnetic resonance microscopy with sparse signal processing  (No. 2013SH002,  Principal Investigator: Xiaobo Qu )

Recent Publications
(1) Preprints
(2) Journal paper
Jiaxi Ying, Hengfa Lu, Qingtao Wei, Jian-Feng Cai, Di Guo, Jihui Wu, Zhong Chen, Xiaobo Qu*. Hankel matrix nuclear norm regularized tensor completion for N-dimensional exponential signals, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 65(14): 3702-3717, 2017.
Won the School Excellence Scholarship repeatedly during 2008 to 2012
img Won “merit student” and “ activist for advanced technology” in 2010
img Won the Scholarship of SuZhou Industrial Park in 2011
Won the postgraduate recommendation in 2011
d Xiaobo Qu, Jiaxi Ying, Di Guo, Zhong Chen, A method of recovering high-dimensional exponential signals, National Utility Model, No. 201510362290.9.
d Xiaobo Qu, Jiaxi Ying, Di Guo, Zhong Chen, A method of recovering high-dimensional time signals in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.