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Matlab code for PCNN used in image fusion


please click on the name of criteria. Just try it... PCNN TOOLBOX FOR IMAGE FUSION


This toolbox contains Matlab files that implement the image fusion algorithms based on Pulse Coupled Neural Networks(PCNN).

You can download this code from

This code is copyright and is supplied free of charge for research
purposes only. In return for supplying the code, all I ask is that, if
you use the algorithms, you give due reference to this work in any
papers that you write. If the applications are good, I would be
very interested in collaboration. I accept no liability arising from use
of these algorithms.

QU Xiao-BO,
Xiamen University in P.R.China, Aug. 2008.

% ---------
% Author: Qu Xiao-Bo <qxb_xmu [at]> Aug.28,2008
% Postal address:
% room 509, Scientific Research Building # 2,Haiyun Campus, Xiamen University,Xiamen,Fujian, P. R. China, 361005
% Website:
% References:

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[4]Xiaobo Qu, Jingwen Yan, Ziqian Zhu, et al. Multi-focus image fusion algorithm based on regional firing characteristic of Pulse Coupled Neural Networks, Conference Pre-proceedings of The Second International Conference on Bio-Inspired Computing: Theories and Applications, pp:563-565,2007

[5]Yan Jingwen, QU Xiaobo. Beyond Wavelets and Its Applications [M].Beijing: National Defense Industry Press, June 2008.(In Chinese)

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other related papers.)