Date:10:20-11:20 AM,Dec.13
Place:Jiageng Building 4, Room 510

Title:Multi-contrast reconstruction in the context of parallel imaging

Abstract: In a clinical exam, multi-contrast images are often scanned with the same field of view (FOV) for complementary diagnostic information. There are sharable information among these images, such as coil sensitivity and anatomical information. The sharable information can be used for fast imaging and robust imaging. In this presentation, several methods on how to use the sharable information for fast imaging are introduced. The difficulties and potential solutions are also discussed. Preliminary clinical evaluation demonstrates the proposed method can have great impact to faster clinical scan.

Speaker: Dr. Feng Huang, Principal Scientist in Philips Research China

Biography: Feng Huang received Ph.D. on Mathematics from University of Florida in 2004. He has been a researcher on MR since early 2000. Since then, he has worked on MR fast imaging, robust imaging, image enhancement, and image processing. He has had over 20 patent applications, 30 Journal papers, and 100 conference papers/abstracts. He serves as Associate Editor or Reviewer for 10 Journal papers. He is currently a Principal scientist in Philips Research China, and leads the project on fast and robust MR imaging methods and applications.

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