Our school's master student Jiaxi Ying was awarded the China Electronics Society Excellent Master's Thesis Award

      Recently, the selection of the 2018 Excellent Master's Thesis Award of the Chinese Institute of Electronics was announced Jiaxi Ying(instructor:Zhong Chen,Xiaobo Qu),a graduate student of the Department of Electronic Science of our school,won the"2018 China Electronics Society Excellent Master's Thesis Award".
       Jiaxi's master's thesis "Complex exponential signal recovery and its application in magnetic resonance spectroscopy" mainly studies the related model and algorithm of complex exponential signal sparse sampling reconstruction and is applied to fast magnetic resonance biomedical spectrum.During his master's degree,Jiaxi Ying published 6 academic papers in authoritative journals and academic conferences at home and abroad and obtained 2 Chinese invention patents,including the first author's authoritative journal in the field of signal processing.IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing (TOP, JCR Rank 2, Impact Factor 4.20) published two journal articles,published as a collaborator in Chemical Communications(TOP,JCR Rank 2,Impact Factor 6.29)and IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering (JCR Rank 2,Impact Factor 4.29).
       Founded in 1962,the Chinese Institute of Electronics is a 5A-level national academic social group.47 professional chapters cover all areas of electronic information science and technology such as semiconductor, communication, microwave, signal processing, and electronic materials.This year's reference texts are for the master's degree papers from March 15th,2016 to September 15th,2018.A total of 96 papers are recommended in the country.According to the "China Electronics Society Excellent Master's Thesis Selection Method",the final selection is made 20 excellent master's thesis.