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Beyond Wavelet Group
X-Let (Update the latest -let transform)
Multiscale and Time-Frequency Analysis
People for statistical applications, signal processing, harmonic analysis and wavelet.
  • Abramovich, Felix - Shrinkage, nonparametric regression, smoothing methods, inverse problems.
  • Bekkouche, Hocine - Lossless/lossy image compression, signal-adapted filter banks, estimation theory.
  • Beylkin, Gregory - Numerical analysis, data compression, differential equations.
  • Blu, Thierry - Wavelets, multiresolution and approximation with applications in functional MRI, Optical Coherence Tomography.
  • Brislawn, Christopher M. - Signal compression, fingerprint image compression, MPEG motion estimation techniques.
  • Candès, Emmanuel - Computational harmonic analysis, approximation theory, statistical estimation, noise removal, data compression, scientific computing, ridgelets, curvelets.
  • Cosman, Pamela - Video compression, visibility of packet losses in compressed video.
  • Daubechies, Ingrid - Wavelet theory, time frequency analysis, data compression, compactly supported wavelets.
  • Demanet, Laurent - Curvelets, numerical analysis and scientific computing.
  • Duval, Laurent - Signal and image applications (denoising, estimation) of wavelets and filter banks (geosciences, combustion analysis); WITS: wavelet names.
  • Donoho, David - Statistical applications, signal denoising, curvelets, ridgelets.
  • Feichtinger, Hans Georg - Scattered approximation, Gabor expansions, wavelet theory.
  • Goyal, Vivek - Wavelets, frames, packet erasure coding.
  • Jacques, Laurent - Image analysis with directional dyadic wavelet frames, wavelets on the sphere.
  • Jorgensen, Palle - Lists recent research papers, a sample of a recent book, and specific areas of interest (fractals, dynamical systems).
  • Kaiser, Gerald - Harmonic analysis, Partial Differential Equations, wavelets, physics-based signal and image processing.
  • Kolaczyk, Eric D. - Statistical modeling of instrumental data in temporal, spatial, and spatio-temporal contexts.
  • Kovacevic, Jelena - Wavelets, frames, biomedical signal processing, multirate signal processing, data compression and signal processing for communications.
  • Kulesh, Michail - Wavelet deformation algebra and its application to the analysis of seismic signals.
  • Lemire, Daniel - Wavelet filter design and interpolatory subdivision schemes.
  • Mallat, Stéphane - Image compression, deconvolution, spectral estimation, matching pursuit, wavelet networks, texture gradient, bandelets.
  • Meyer, Francois - Adaptive wavelet packet and local cosine image compression, brushlets (adaptive basis of functions reasonably well localized with only one peak in frequency).
  • Nason, Guy - Curve and surface estimation, time series analysis, experimental design, data analysis.
  • Ogden, Todd - Analysis of brain imaging data, nonparametric regression, wavelets, statistical computing, functional data analysis, change-point problems.
  • Percival, Donald B. - Statistical applications, shrinkage, data analysis.
  • Pesquet, Jean-Christophe - Statistical signal processing using wavelets and nonlinear multiresolution analysis.
  • Saito, Naoki - Applied and computational harmonic analysis, image analysis, pattern recognition, data compression, statistical signal processing, human and machine vision, geophysical inverse problems.
  • Salimath, C. S. - Applications of wavelets.
  • Sapatinas, Theofanis - Wavelets and statistical modelling.
  • Selesnick, Ivan - Wavelet-based image/video processing, with focus on the design, implementation, and applications of new oriented multi-dimensional wavelet transforms.
  • Silverman, Bernard - Statistical applications, wavelet regression, mixture problems.
  • Simoncelli, Eero P. - Multiresolution statistical image models, with application to compression, denoising, texture synthesis, and computational neuroscience.
  • Some Wavelet People - A list of home pages, maintained by Andreas Klappenecker.
  • Sweldens, Wim - Wavelet theory, lifting scheme.
  • Tewfik, Ahmed H. - Signal processing for multimedia (in particular watermarking, data hiding and content-based retrieval) and heart diagnostic from acoustic measurements.
  • Unser, Michael - Sampling theories, multiresolution algorithms, wavelets, and the use of splines for image processing.
  • Vandergheynst, Pierre - Harmonic analysis, information theory, non-linear image representations and mathematical image analysis with applications to higher dimensional data processing.
  • Vetterli, Martin - Multirate signal processing, computational complexity, digital video processing, and compression.
  • Vidakovic, Brani - Wavelet history, bayesian inference, statistical modeling.
  • Xiong, Zixiang - Image and video compression, image restoration.
  • Zakhor, Avideh - Video and image processing, Matching Pursuit, 3D models.
  • Zhang, Yu - Wavelet analysis, time frequency representation, general signals and systems, and applications in medical ultrasound signal processing.

introductions to wavelets and research papers

  • Wavelets Resources at MathSoft
    Good and vast bibliography, lots of papers (pre-prints) of great authors, subdivided by argument. Also links to wavelets-related software are available. A very good page!

  • Rice DSP Publication Archives
    Lots (really lots) of papers on Wavelets, FFT, software...Rice University site is well organized and rich in materials. If are interested in latest research, you can also find the Techincal Reports of the past years, all available in electronic format (see CML). It is generally quite fast in download. Reserve a bookmark for this!

  • I. Daubechies' home page
    The home page of the great researcher in Wavelets. Daubechies' studies in wavelet theory have brought to many important achievements. One of the most important is her study and characterization of compactly supported (i.e. with "finite length in time") wavelets, which are , most rightly, named after her.

  • An Introduction to Wavelets
    A simple introductory article (by Amara Grasp) which presents basic ideas in Wavelet theory and some of their applications (did you know that FBI fingerprint archives are compressed with wavelets?). The home page is at Amara's page.

    This is a really good site on wavelets, featuring sections on the latest news in wavelets' world and on the current research. Here you will be also given the opportunity to subscribe (free of charge) to the Wavelet Digest, an electronic journal you can periodically receive by e-mail: it contains links to papers available on the web, current lines of research in related topics, calendars of wavelet-related events, questions and answers from other waveleteers.
    On the site you will also find pages of links to other sites, to papers, books, software...
    Don't miss this!

  • Numerical Harmonic Analysis Group (NUHAG)
    This group's research interests are principally in Gabor Analysis, Banach algebras, and applications. You can also subscribe (free of charge) the electronic journal of the group, dealing mainly with current lines of development and research in Gabor Analysis, group representation, Wiener algebras...and much, much more. A wide collection of papers (available in electronic format) of the NUHAG members is also available.

  • Wavelet Papers
    A site collecting some papers on wavelets.

  • Wim Sweldens' Selected publications Many good papers of recognized researchers in Wavelets and new lines of research in related sectors.

  • Wavelets at MIT Researching group in Wavelets at MIT. Applications of wavelets to image compression and to algorithms for solving partial differential equations are considered. Some papers are also available.

  • Wavelets References and Homepages
    Page containing a list of links to homepages on wavelets and to other wavelet related sites on the Web.

  • Wavelets - Internet Resources
    Lots of good links to available papers, homepages, courses on Wavelets and their applications. Last time I visited it, some suggested links were broken, but here you can find so many of them that you won't worry if some aren't up to date.

  • Wavelet links at WashU of St.Louis
    List of Web resources on wavelets and related topics.

  • Papers on Wavelets

  • Wavelet Image Compression
    Application of Wavelets to image compression has given very good results, and the studies for improving the efficiency and speed of these methods are making them always more and more widespread. You won't be surprised if in a year you digital photo camera will use wavelet compression to contain more and more films and photos.
    At last, the high end of compression seems to be in joining Wavelet and Fractal techniques. See for example Fractal Image Compression (site and introductory article ) or Fractal Image Compression Bibliography for a (quite long) bibliography (without links: only books and papers).

  • Wavelets for retarded
    A simple introduction to wavelets.

  • Bell Labs Wavelet Group

  • Yale's University Wavelet Resources

  • Dragon Applet
    Applet that illustrates the links between iterative methods and wavelets.

  • Wavelet Image Compression Theory

  • Wavelet Resources are compendiums of online research papers useful to wavelets and their various applications to field such as mathematics, physics and engineering. (Thank Amber Sullivan for informing me this website)